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Mario Forever

Mario Forever is one of the best sequels of the game Super Mario. For the time being it is considered to be the latest issued variant of a legendary game. Thanks to improved graphical design, you will be able to appreciate your favourite game anew. Mario Forever`s realization is completely adapted for the modern operating system Windows and this allows to install the game without using any additional applications or emulators.

Mario Forever


You candownload Mario Forever free of charge and install it at your computer. The loading file does not take too much space. You need to unpack the file and following prompts to install the game.

You will have the opportunity to go through many new stages which remind somehow the game Super Mario but are not its exact copy. The game consists of three new worlds containing levels and sub-levels. All peculiarities of the game remain the same. On gathering coins, mushrooms and flowers you will get new additional abilities. Beating out the carts representing question-mark you will be granted the coins for one hundred of which you will get an additional life.

The game controlled with the help of keyboard. The movements forward/backward and Mario`s squatting can be fulfilled with corresponding arrows, jumps-with the button Z and player can shoot with fiery balls using the button X.

Follow attentively additional bonus levels in the stages. Thanks to them you can get the scores and the prizes. Download and install Mario Forever, play at Mario and improve your skills.

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The first version of the game appeared in 1985, and in 1987 it was popularized in Europe.

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