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Super Mario is a thrilling game known already for years. Most of the players remember it being fulfilled at eight bit consoles, where the games were loaded with the help of cartridges. Now you have the possibility to download the game and to install it at modern computer. The game does not require any applications and will run practically on every computer being controlled by OS Windows. Despite of its external simplicity the game was generally recognized and was famed throughout the world having been entered at that in The Book of Guinness Records as the best from the games being sold.

Download Super Mario


Mario Forever is a sequel of well-known popular game Super Mario. Here you will find new levels and stages but graphical design will differ a little and additional obstacles and new possibilities will appear. You can download the game free of charge. The loading file has 23 MB while the installation process is very simple. The game is adapted for the modern PCs and is compatible with operating system Windows. You need to download and to unpack the loading file and then using system`s prompts to install the game at your computer.

Complexity is changing from stage to stage. The further you go the more difficult for you to go to the end. There are three worlds in the game which in their turns are also consisted of the levels and stages. The hero will happen to meet on his way as obstacles as bonuses.

The keyboard controls for the Mario Forever are very simple. The movements forward /backward/ down are fulfilled with arrows and the jumps and shots-with keys Z and X.

Every game can be regulated in accordance with your preferences, you can set up the level of complexity, accompanying sound and graphic and the other options available.

download mario game free


The game consists of eight worlds containing four stages each. In the first stage in all the worlds Mario is found to be on the earth, in the second - mostly under the earth in a sewerage or under the water, in the third stage Mario is jumping on the platforms being suspended in the air and in the fourth stage Mario is reaching the castle.

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