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Super Mario

Super Mario is the game which can be called the most popular in the world. None of the modern games has reached its peak so greatly. Super Mario was entered into The Book of Guinness Records as the best of the games being sold in the history. Following its motives the film was made which in its turn also contributed to the whole glory.

Super Mario


The first version of Super Mario was developed by company Nintendo and was published in 1985 year. The main task of each stage is to overcome all the obstacles and finally to save the princess. On getting bonuses Mario will get additional abilities during the game. Having gathered a mushroom Mario is becoming Super Mario, a flower - Fiery Mario who can shoot at his enemies with fiery balls. In the course of game you will happen to find some coins which are possible to be changed for an additional life. The whole first party of the game Super Mario consists of eight levels which in their turns can be subdivided into four stages. The most difficult from them is found at the end. There are few prizes and coins in it and you will have to meet King Koopa, a fire-spitting dragon. On reaching every new step it will be more and more complicated to win him or to pass him over. Try to keep the possibility to shoot with fiery balls and that will let you pass through this step faster.

Some time later the game Super Mario has got some sequels as Mario Forever. The rules of the game remained the same but some graphical changes were made. You can download the game and install it at your personal computer. Now you can fulfill Mario`s management sitting in front of your computer`s monitor cause the game was adapted for Windows.

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On his way Mario is gathering coins and bonuses beating out the blocks representing question-mark.

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